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Labor Market

Primary network coordination mechanism
Each Labor Market facilitates Service Requests based on individual instantiations of the inherited market parameters in combination with granular topic-specific detail and nuance.
Labor Markets are launched via the Labor Market Factory by establishing a configuration to define how Service Requests will be handled once funded.
Factory Address: MATIC:0x93e6830873847e7eF966c030BcFD21037cA8552C
Configuration includes:
  1. 1.
    ERC-1155 Badge Based Permission and Access
  2. 2.
    Enforcement Module

Creating Labor Markets

Market Managers utilize the Labor Market factory to create Labor Markets for distinct purposes.
Labor Markets do not require funding independently, and anyone, including Requesters or Providers, may create them. When work is to be done inside a Market, financial power to drive the economy must exist in the form of a Service Request.
Using a local definition of rule and operation, social behavior may identify a market to fit an industry, demographic, collective, etc. While the shape and characterization of a Labor Market have remained unopinionated at the primitive level, to find any measurable level of effectiveness, a market must outwardly identify with greater detail than an all-stop-shop.
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