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Details include...

Challenge Title

Unique and descriptive title text.


Unique and detailed description of the challenge/task for analysts to fulfill.
In Analytics Challenge, Sponsors ask for solutions. These may be dashboards or tools that answers questions or solve problems most important to them, their stakeholders, or their community.


Chain/project(s) of focus. These labels/tags assist with discovery.
User that launched and funded the Challenge.

Reward Pool

Tokens funded by the Sponsor that will be be distributed across winners of the Challenge.

Note: rMETRIC pools are currently fixed at 5,000 rMETRIC for every Marketplace.

Submit Deadline

When submissions must be entered by.

Review Deadline

When review scores must be entered by. Peer review starts and happens in real-time as submissions come in. Final scores and winners are determined as soon as the review deadline is reached.

Submission Count

Displays the real-time submission count for the Challenge.

Review Count

Displays the real-time score count across all submissions on the Challenge.

Winner Count

Displays as pending until the review deadline is reached, then displays the Challenge winner count.