Create a Marketplace

Create Analytics Marketplaces
Marketplaces are created by MetricsDAO on behalf of partner projects or individuals and establish parameters that are applied to all Challenges launched within that Marketplace. Marketplaces are a grouping of one or many Challenges that have shared themes (i.e. target analyst, chain/project, topic) and reward and permissioning parameters.
Click Create Marketplace within the Marketplaces page of the app.

Create Marketplace form

Marketplace Title

Enter a unique and descriptive title.


Enter a unique and detailed description.

Chain/Project Allowlist

Multi-select any chains/projects that can be selected when launching a Challenge in this Marketplace. These serve as labels/tags on Challenges to assist with discovery.

Reward Token Allowlist

Multi-select any reward tokens that can be selected when launching a Challenge in this Marketplace. These are reward tokens that can be funded by Sponsors and claimed by Analysts who win challenges.

Reward Curve

Select one reward curve option. The reward curve determines how all Challenge reward pools are distributed across winners within this Marketplace. Reward curves are helpful in controlling the quality and competitiveness of a Marketplace.
  • Reward by overall score (Constant Likert): Rewards are distributed based on overall submission scores. Higher scores are rewarded more, lower scores are rewarded less, and scores of 0 aren't rewarded at all.
More reward curves are coming soon...

Note: rMETRIC pools are currently fixed at 5,000 rMETRIC for every Marketplace.

Control who has permission to launch Challenges

Select Anyone or Delegates only. If Anyone, any user will be able to launch Challenges within this Marketplace. If Delegates only, only users who hold the Badge defined at set up in their connected wallet will be able to launch challenges within this marketplace

Control who has permission to submit work on Challenges

Enter the minimum rMETRIC amount (required) and maximum rMETRIC amount (optional) to set the proper reputation prerequisites for analysts to participate in your Marketplace

Control who has permission to review submissions

Enter the Badger Badge contract address and token ID to gate peer review to top analysts identified by MetricsDAO
Learn more about prerequisites​

Important: When creating a Marketplace, you must sign a transaction in your wallet and pay gas fees to activate it.

Note: Marketplaces can't be edited once a Challenge has been launched within it.