Launch a Challenge

Launch Analytics Challenges
Challenges can be launched by anyone who has permission to launch Challenges within its parent Marketplace. Sponsors fund and launch Challenges with tokens that will be used to reward analysts for successfully fulfilling their requests. Challenges are single, time-based Analytics requests launched within a broader parent Marketplace.
Click Launch Challenge within a specific Marketplace in the app.

Launch Challenge form

Challenge Title

Enter a unique and descriptive title.


Enter a unique and detailed description of the challenge/task for analysts to fulfill.
In Analytics Challenge, Sponsors ask for solutions. These may be dashboards or tools that answers questions or solve problems most important to them, their stakeholders, or their community.


Currently defaults to English only.


Chain/project(s) of focus. These labels/tags assist with discovery.

When must submissions be entered by?

Select a date and time (in your local time zone) to schedule the submit deadline. Submissions open and are accepted as soon as the Challenge is launched.

When must peer review be complete and winners selected?

Select a date and time (in your local time zone) to schedule the review deadline.

Reward Pool

Select a single reward token and enter an amount to fund the reward pool that will be distributed across winners of the Challenge.

Important: When launching a Challenge, you must fund the reward pool with tokens from your connected wallet, sign a transaction in your wallet, and pay gas fees to activate it.

Note: Challenges can't be edited once an Analyst has claimed to submit the Challenge.