View & Claim Rewards

View and claim reward tokens for all the Challenges you win
View all your pending rewards and flexibly claim tokens whenever is best for you. Once you claim, you'll automatically receive the reward tokens in your default payout address.

Claim Rewards

  • Click Claim on a pending reward to claim it. Pending rewards have a status = Claim
  • Optionally update your default payout address
  • Click Claim to confirm payment
  • Payment will start processing and may take some to complete (which the app will estimate and display). If there are any issues please reach out on Discord​
  • When payment is processing, the reward's status will update to Processing

Important: When claiming a reward, you must sign a transaction in your wallet and pay gas fees to claim.

View Transactions

  • When payment is complete (done processing), the reward's status will update to View Tx
  • Click View Tx to view the transaction on the block explorer