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Scale on-demand analytics with a decentralized app

About Metrics App

Built atop the Labor Markets Protocol by MetricsDAO and incubators from Flipside Crypto, the Metrics app powers a decentralized marketplace for on-demand blockchain analytics at scale, providing a variety of ways for projects to tab the world's best Web3 analyst community and streamline access to expert analytics work.
The Metrics app is open and accessible to any project or analyst. It empowers anyone (protocol, DAO, organization or individual) to harness the power of the MetricsDAO community by seamlessly requesting work and receiving high-quality, peer reviewed results in an open marketplace.
By participating in challenges, analysts will learn about Web3 projects, network, earn crypto, increase their ecosystem reputation, and unlock access to future earning opportunities.

How it Works

With the self-service Metrics app, projects or individuals can launch and fund time-bound challenges where analysts collaborate to answer questions or solve problems.
When launching a challenge, projects can flexibly control timelines, reward pools, reward curves, and prerequisites for analysts to participate. Eligible analysts can join challenges to submit work that will be peer reviewed by top analysts in real-time to surface the best work and reward winners.
The app's peer review process elevates the best work through transparent consensus. After the review period ends, winning analysts can claim reward tokens from the reward pool while automatically increasing their reputation score in the MetricsDAO ecosystem.
MetricsDAO's focus on quality empowers projects to easily surface and promote analysts' best outputs across the ecosystem to help with ongoing education and adoption.