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View & Claim Rewards

View and claim reward tokens for analytics and review tasks
View all your pending rewards and flexibly claim tokens whenever is best for you. Once you claim, you'll automatically receive the reward tokens in your default reward address.
The Metrics App supports protocol chain rewards and cross-chain rewards.

Protocol Chain Rewards

  • Tokens on the protocol chain, Polygon
  • Trustless deposit and claim processes for any ERC-20 on Polygon
Sponsors may use any app layer whitelisted ERC-20 on Polygon as a Reward for Analysts and Reviewers.
  • Analysts Rewards must be claimed in the Rewards center by Analysts.
  • Reviewer Rewards are distributed when scores are applied by Reviewers.

Cross-Chain Rewards

  • Tokens transfered to target accounts off the protocol chain, non-Polygon
  • Uses trust reliant Cross-Chain Rewards infrastructure
Sponsors and Managers interested in using this mechanism should reach out to Flipside Crypto.
  • Analysts Cross-Chain Rewards must Claimed and Redeemed by Analysts.
  • Reviewer Cross-Chain Rewards must be Redeemed by Reviewers.
Learn more about Cross-Chain Rewards
Claiming Rewards
  • Click Claim on a pending reward to claim it
  • When payment is processing, the reward's status will update to Processing

When claiming a reward, you must sign a transaction in your wallet and pay gas fees to claim.

View Transactions
  • When payment is complete (done processing), the reward's status will update to View Tx
  • Click View Tx to view the transaction on the block explorer