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Cross-Chain Rewards

Native integration with Flipside reward rails
The Metrics app supports cross-chain rewards infrastructure built and used by Flipside Crypto.
Individuals permissioned by Flipside Crypto may utilize a standardized iouTOKEN mechanism that interacts with Flipside controlled APIs and custody services to execute rewards across target chains that differ from the protocol chain.
Two transactions are required for cross-chain rewards:
  1. 1.
    Claim iouTOKEN
  2. 2.
    Redeem iouTOKEN
iouTOKEN redemption must occur within 28 days after iouTOKEN claiming
Analysts have control over when they perform the claim action, but iouTOKEN claiming occurs automatically for Reviewer actions.

Manage Cross-Chain Payout Addresses

Users may store one address per chain and may update them at any point later.
By interacting with any challenge backed by Flipside developed iouTOKEN technology or any Flipside sponsored challenge you accept Flipside's Terms & Conditions​
Sponsors and Managers interested in using this mechanism should reach out to Flipside Crypto.