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Service Request

Funded, ephemeral instantiation of Labor Market parameters
Inheriting the parameters defined in the Labor Market, a Service Requester may launch a Service Request when they hold the requisite Badge(s) or when participating in a public Labor Market.
When launching a Request, the Requester must incentivize Providers and Maintainers with the use of pTOKENs.
While Labor Markets may persist over long periods of time, Service Requests always have start and end dates. As funded and ephemeral representations of a Labor Market, Requests enable unique demands to be expressed within a local and work-scoped context.

Requesting Service

Utilizing the available Labor Markets, a Requester may instantiate a Request by funding it with Provider and Maintainer pTOKENs. By Requesting Service, a Requester demonstrates their demand for Service. Importantly, the outcomes of that Request are dependent on the Requesters choices when Requesting Service. Depending on the chosen Labor Market and balances used to fund a Request, the Requester may elicit different outcomes. In cases where Requesters cannot identify an adequate Labor Market, they may Create a Labor Market for their purposes.