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Submission Maintenace

The process of scoring Submissions by Service Providers
Scores applied by Maintainers are aggregated and result in a final Submission Score. Scores are not finalized until Maintenance has been completed. Following the Enforcement Module, Scores determine the amount of pTOKEN paid to a Provider. Beyond determining pTOKEN payments to Providers, Scores enable Requesters to more easily identify the best Submissions for a Request.

Enforcing Service

As Service Providers deliver Submissions, eligible Maintainers may submit a Service Score to each Submission. Maintainers are incentivized to Enforce Service with pTOKEN which are paid out based on the volume of Maintenance they perform. To become eligible to Enforce Service, Maintainers must demonstrate intent through Signaling (covered in section 3.5) which may only be completed if they hold the required Badge(s).
Upon the completion of Maintenance, Service Scores generated using the Enforcement Module determine pTOKEN payment for each Service Provider that participated.