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Indicating intent to Provide or Maintain Service
Signaling must occur prior to Submitting or Enforcing Service.
  • Providers Signal their intent to address a Request
  • Maintainers Signal their intent to Enforce Service upon a certain number of Submissions
By Signaling, participants indicate that work is planned in a local context, thereby informing the Requester and their peers that action is being taken on a Request. Additionally, Providers and Maintainers ensure their ability to participate and earn a share of the associated pTOKENs.
Provider Signaling locks a Request making it impossible for the Requester or Market Manager to adjust the parameters associated with the Request.

Impacts of Signaling

Network Managers may utilize participants' Signaling behavior when determining an individual's place within their Network therefore creating a slashing risk for participants who fail to meet their obligations.
Network growth and pruning, however, is at full discretion of the Network Manager and the protocol and primitives are un-opinionated about how Badge based Networks may come into being or be utilized.
Working to sustain participation and continued quality enforcement with this framework, Service Providers and Maintainers must balance damaging their future ability to earn while striving to maximize their ability to earn at the current moment.