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Network Manager

Managers of ERC-1155 Networks
Network Managers may create or manage token networks defined by ERC-1155 ownership.
These networks may take many shapes and be utilized flexibly inside Labor Markets to provide access to various onchain actions.
Network Managers may also be Market Managers, Service Requesters, Service Providers, or Service Maintainers.
As Service Requesters seek the most optimal Labor Market for their request and Market Managers establish coordination sets, Network Managers are responsible for determining entry and exit criteria to the ERC-1155 networks they oversee.
Once determining criteria, a Network Manager may automate the growth and pruning of their network(s).
Network Managers may also utilize the Signaling information to determine if Network members are meeting commitments and use this information to raise or lower an individuals status within that Network.
Create and manage a network with
Networks that meet their commitments and provide value to Service Requesters are more likely to be utilized again in the future.

Parameters for Definition

Badge Networks are interoperable with the Labor Markets protocol through N-Badge Gatingand require the contract and token ID of the ERC-1155.
Notice that a single ERC-1155 contract can hold multiple Networks as the Network requires both the Contract Address and Token ID for full definition.
A number of Badge Networks are defined below.
Contract Address
Token ID
Watchmen: Adept
Watchmen: Apprentice
Lamoka Operations
Lamoka Analysts
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